Land Clearing Service

Plot Grading

We have many years of experience grading soil at residential and commercial locations to prepare for lawn or landscape installation or to correct drainage issues.

Set your lawn up for success right from the get-go with Callaway Outdoor.  You don’t have to go with the contractor of choice your home builder would prefer.  How are you to know if the company they select is qualified to take all things into consideration when performing this task?

Getting your grading right from the start can save hours of headache and thousands of dollars in costly repairs from drainage issues not only in your lawn, but also possibly your basement.

New Home Lot Grading
New Lawn Installation Prep

Land Clearing

Along with putting the final touches on a plot of land before a lawn or landscape is installed, we also clear land of all existing vegetation to allow the construction to begin.

We perform these services most often for commercial real estate developers, but also perform this work for land-owners themselves.

It doesn’t matter to us if this is a new job site or if there is currently a residence or business in operation on the property.  We always operate in a professional manner and adjust our operations to best suit the conditions of each site.


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While still offering all of the common lawn care services such as lawn mowing and lawn treatment programs and landscaping services such as mulching and pruning.

We do big jobs.

We do small jobs.

We do all jobs right the first time!

And we would love to make you our next satisfied customer.

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