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We did our best to answer the most common questions we receive about our outdoor services. If you still have a question after reading our FAQ, please contact us and ask!

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What is a typical project for Callaway Outdoor?

It’s hard to say what a ‘typical’ project is because every lawn and landscape is different and we incorporate the ideas of each individual client into their project.

To better answer the question though, our typical landscape project is between $15,000 and $35,000.  Our minimum for landscape design and installation projects is $5,000 and we’ve completed several $100,000 plus landscape projects over the years.

Our skills and expertise are not for everyone.  We cater to clients that want a landscape with a ‘wow factor’ and understand that quality materials and professional design/install services come at a premium.

If you are looking for a local landscaper to just spread mulch or prune your shrubs, that’s probably not going to be a good fit for us.

Can you tell me more about what it is like working with Callaway Outdoor in regards to landscape design?

Drew Callaway will meet with you on-site to discuss the goals for your property. We offer designs for an additional fee and the design fee is refunded once Callaway Outdoor starts your project. Callaway Outdoor will make as many revisions to the drawing as needed to ensure client satisfaction.

Are estimates free?

Yes and no. For maintenance services, our estimates come fast and free! If you are wanting an estimate for landscape design, a hardscape project, deck, pergola, and another major landscape improvement service, we do charge a fee because of the time involved in preparing an accurate quote. This fee will be subtracted from your project’s total if you choose to hire Callaway Outdoor.

Do you offer lawn fertilization services in-house?

We do not treat the lawns ourselves. We are a landscape company that also offers lawn maintenance services. Many of our customers want to have their lawn treatment service handled by us so we happily coordinate their service with a lawn care company we work with regularly.

Do you offer a 1-time lawn mowing service?

No. We are happy to cut your lawn weekly or as needed though if you are located in Whitfield County or Murray County.  Our lawn maintenance service area is limited to nearby areas of our headquarters in Chatsworth, GA.

How do you invoice for lawn mowing?

We do year-long agreements with lawn mowing service which can include having us also perform also services if you’d like.

Do you clean gutters?

No, we do not clean gutters.

Do you aerate and overseed?

No, we do not offer lawn aeration or overseeding services but we do install sod and artificial turf.

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