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A fire pit can be a wonderful addition to any outdoor space, providing both warmth and ambiance. Whether you have a large backyard or a small patio, creating a cozy outdoor space with a fire pit is easier than you might think. Servicing Chatsworth, Dalton, Ellijay, Blue Ridge, Blairsville and Hiawassee, GA


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Custom Fire Pit Design & Installation

Transform your backyard with a captivating outdoor fire pit feature tailored to your preferences. Callaway Outdoor offers expert installation of custom outdoor fireplaces in the Chatsworth, Dalton, and Blue Ridge GA area

When it comes to transforming your outdoor space, few elements can rival the charm of a fire pit. Elevate your outdoor experience with the allure of a mesmerizing fire feature, the perfect centerpiece for gatherings and relaxation alike.

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Considering an outdoor fire pit for your home in Blue Ridge, GA?

The investment in an outdoor fireplace yields numerous benefits that can truly elevate and enhance your landscape.

Expanded Living Space: Enjoy the mild climate of the Atlanta area throughout the year by transforming your backyard with an outdoor fireplace. It acts as the centerpiece, allowing you to create a cozy seating area that encourages outdoor living, even during colder months.

Increased Property Value: Research indicates that outdoor fireplaces contribute to a higher property value, with a potential increase of up to 20%. Prospective buyers are increasingly drawn to well-designed outdoor living spaces, making the investment in an outdoor fireplace a sound one, with a potential return on investment of an impressive 500%.

Perfect for Entertaining: Elevate your outdoor entertaining experience with the charm of an outdoor fireplace. Create a warm and inviting atmosphere for social gatherings, barbecues, and intimate conversations. Pair it with bistro lights or other outdoor lighting to transform your backyard into an enchanting outdoor living room.

Ultimately, an outdoor fire pit not only enhances your outdoor living but also adds value to your property, making it a wise investment for long-term enjoyment and potential financial returns.

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Outdoor Fireplaces & Chimneys

Custom outdoor fireplaces and chimneys have been growing in popularity for some time.

Callaway Outdoor can design, create, and construct your very own outdoor chimney and outdoor fireplace using a variety of materials to match your existing hardscape and landscape features.

Outdoor Fireplace

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