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Our lawn care program delivers results! We will keep your grass healthy and free of weeds with proper fertilization and safe weed control. Call us today and let’s get your lawn whipped back into shape quickly!

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The Science of Lawn Fertilization

There is some science involved to achieve proper fertilization.

Callaway Outdoor has been treating lawns for years and our results speak for themselves. We would love to show you by performing our service on your lawn.

We Get Pesky Weeds Out Of Lawns For Good

Our lawn care program delivers nutrients to your turf in the right amounts at the right time of the year.

We also are able to control all weeds!

Some weeds are harder to control than others and may require multiple applications to get them under control.

A lawn treatment program is not complete if nothing is done to address those pesky weeds!

Weed Control Service

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Irrigation and Fertilization

Set Your Expectations High

Our grass fertilizer service will supply your lawn with the nutrients it needs to thrive in the appropriate amounts at the right time of year.

We strategically incorporate weed control to remove existing weeds from your lawns without damaging the grass.  Early season lawn applications contain pre-emergent herbicide which actually stops some weeds from ever emerging from the soil.

Proper fertilization, along with a regular mowing program will give your lawn the best results possible.  Stop getting excuses, start getting results!

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Fertilizer + Weed Control: The Perfect Combination

We utilize a combination of synthetic fertilizer and micro-organisms to deliver a well-rounded treatment that will be easily accessible to your lawn’s root system.

Many of our treatments utilize time-released coatings that slowly deliver the nutrients over an extended period of time to not cause quick growth spurts that are not only annoying but are also not good for the long-term health of your turf.

Treated Lawn

We Are Properly Licensed To Treat Lawns

Our technicians are properly trained and licensed to apply the products we use on your lawn. In fact, they have to attend approved training several times throughout the year to keep their license active.

This means they are constantly being educated by accredited sources to ensure they are well aware of all rules, regulations, and safety measures. It also informs them of any new products that could possibly do a better job than the products we are currently using.

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